Elford Village


Neighbourhood Plan update

Please click here for latest progress on the Neighbourhood Plan.

This will be of particular interest to residents concerned about a proposal to build 25 houses with access off The Shrubbery.

Are you ready for the Best Kept Village judging?


Please can everyone help to make Elford look its best this week as judges for the second round of the Best Kept Village competition will be walking around the village any day soon.

Thanks to everyone who is helping!

Annual Parish Meeting 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended or contributed to the Annual Parish Meeting on 16th May.

For details see below:


Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We'd like to know what local people think about the following proposal!

A resident has offered to donate funds towards the purchase of some outdoor fitness equipment for adults to be located in the village.

Is this something you would use? If so, what sort of fitness equipment?

Where should it be installed?

Is there something else you think the village needs?

Are you happy for the Parish Council to arrange this and pay future maintenance costs?

Please send us your views by the end of June - either email clerk@elfordpc.co.uk, talk to one of the Councillors (Ed, Mike, Phil, Tim or Richard Smith), drop in a note to the PC post box, or respond on the Elford News Facebook page. We'd like to hear from our residents!

Weekly News

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