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Awoingt report

As we have not had the chance to meet for the Annual Assembly yet various groups in Elford are invited to send information to the Clerk for inclusion on the website.

The report on activities relating to the Elford/Awoingt group can be found under the Village Information section on Twinning.

Safer public places

Lichfield District Council has put together a local policy for how it will promote safer urban centres and green spaces as the country starts emerging from lockdown.

The safer urban centres and green spaces policy sets out how the council, working in partnership, will help make public places as safe as possible.

This includes ten specific measures the council will put in place, such as increasing signage to promote social distancing guidance, and increasing the cleaning of public facilities, including toilets, street furniture and car park pay and display machines. There will also be a queueing system at any toilets and cafés in district council-managed parks.

The policy encourages business owners to adopt measures to enable people to safely access business premises, and the use of temporary markings on the ground to help traders set up social distancing separation.

It also sets out that the council will work with private landlords of commercial and retail properties to put suitable safeguards for tenants, customers and staff in place.

As well as promoting where cycle racks are located across the district, the policy encourages people to pay for parking at the council’s car parks using the pay by phone facility where possible. It also restricts access to public lifts to two people at a time, or family groups if they include children.

In the policy, the council confirms it will work with partners, including Lichfield City Council, Burntwood Town Council and Staffordshire County Council, to consider ways to enable people to access key centres and green spaces and move safely around these locations maintaining social distancing.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Investment, Economic Growth & Tourism, said:“For everyone emerging from lockdown it is going to be a learning process. We might not get everything right first time and as things unfold, we might need to change what we all do.

"Our policy approach just now is based on trusting people to follow the social distancing guidance and highlighting the safeguards that need to be in place to protect our residents, visitors and businesses. If we need to bring in stewarding, one way flows to safeguard people navigating around our town and city centres, or, taking steps to avoid any pinch points, we will do that. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our district is safe and COVID-19 secure.

"Partnership working is going to be key. We are already talking with Three Spires about their plans and with the Lichfield BID about additional signage, hand sanitisers and a range of other measures to keep shoppers safe. We are looking at opening our own public toilets for longer, whilst also highlighting where cycle racks are located for those who want to cycle or walk into our shopping centres.

“Being able to trust people to do the right thing means I want to ask anyone venturing out to our parks and centres to remember to keep two metres apart from anyone who is not from the same household.  If you are meeting up with someone from outside your own household, please remember it is with just one other person. You should not be meeting up in groups regardless of age. To keep safe it is sensible to wash your hands before and after going out.

“We know lockdown has been hard for an awful lot of people.  With the sun shining people want to go out and see friends and family.  We are not at that point yet, so if everyone can keep following the social distancing guidance, we can help protect each other and look forward to a time when we can open the city, town and village centres up fully.”

The safer urban centres and green spaces policy is available online at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/saferpublicspaces.


Update from the Parish Council

News from the May Parish Council meeting:

For the first time ever Elford Parish Council held their monthly meeting online on Zoom, as the government had changed the law to allow video meetings. One member of the public requested a link to observe the meeting, and other residents are encouraged to do so next time by contacting the Clerk for information before the meeting. You can then either watch or listen or contribute with a question during Open Forum. Of course as usual you can also contact one of the Councillors or the Clerk and ask them to raise something at the meeting on your behalf.

During the meeting the Clerk gave a resume of what had happened to local services as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Parish Council were very pleased with the efforts of a group of volunteers who had helped those who were self-isolating to cope during this time, and expressed their thanks to everyone who has been involved in this, from the 3 organisers to around 40 people who volunteered to help.

Regular maintenance and other Council business including finance and audit has continued to be managed during the lockdown.

Various planning matters were discussed, including applications in the wider parish, a Planning Appeal regarding the new access at Elford Lowe and the granting of planning permission for housing at land off The Shrubbery.

Councillors raised various matters. Please keep dogs on leads when walking near other people or on public land such as the Avenue and please continue to clean up after your pets.  Please be vigilant as rural crime is on the rise; a particularly serious robbery happened recently at a local farm.

Cllrs agreed that although everyone continued to observe social distancing it was good to see that many people in Elford were still able to enjoy celebrating VE Day outside their homes, and there is generally a positive atmosphere in the village despite these difficult times.

As usual if there are any issues you’d like us to deal with, please contact clerk@elfordparish.co.uk or phone 01827 50230.


Phone scams

Please be vigilant against scams!

Tamworth Police have received a number of reports regarding calls received from a person claiming to be a London Met Police Officer who has possession of your bank card, he gives a nonsense id and asks that you call 999 to retrieve your card and will be charged hundreds of pounds to do so.

Please do not call 999 in this instance as this is part of the scam as the phone line their end is not disconnected.

Please hang up and report to 101.

Our elderly residents are being targeted mainly on land lines so if you have elderly or vulnerable friends or relatives please help us by making them aware.

Please report any concerns to Staffordshire Police on 101 or 999 as appropriate.

Funding opportunity for small businesses

County-wide grant scheme for micro businesses

Lichfield District Council is encouraging local small businesses to apply for a grant of up to £1,000 through Staffordshire County Council’s Staffordshire Means – Emergency Businesses Grants scheme.

The £500,000 scheme will help businesses with nine employees or less that cannot get support from other government initiatives. The emergency fund will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Businesses can apply if they are registered in Staffordshire and have an annual turnover of less than £2 million a year.

They could be sole traders such as builders, plumbers and mechanics as well as hairdressers, photographers, cleaners and childminders.

Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Investment, Economic Growth & Tourism, said: “If you own a small business in the district, and have not been able to access any of the government’s financial support for businesses during coronavirus, make sure you apply for up to £1,000 funding before it’s too late. 

“Staffordshire County Council has come forward with a fund that can help those who don't have a formal business premises, who don't qualify for small business rates relief, and are not in the retail, leisure or hospitality sectors. This is really good news and I hope people will take advantage of this scheme.”

To find out more visit Staffordshire County Council’s website.  


Recycling Centres re-open

Staffordshire's recycling centres are now open for essential vsits only. For details of opening hours etc please see:


Recycling Update

Waste service steps up to meet demand

Lichfield District Council’s Joint Waste Service with Tamworth Borough Council continues to collect at record levels.

Waste levels collected have increased by 20 percent in weight and 40 percent in volume in recent weeks, with residents spending more time at home and the closure of Staffordshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres.

Despite this unprecedented increase in demand, the Joint Waste team has worked tirelessly to maintain a full service, including household waste, recycling, garden waste and bulky item collection.


Councillor Liz Little, Cabinet Member for Recycling & Leisure, said: “I’m really proud of our Joint Waste Service and the hard work they’re doing maintaining this critical service to the public, and residents have been really appreciative leaving messages of support for the crews. I’m also very grateful that residents are playing their part, reducing the amount of tissues they are putting in the recycling following our recent campaign.

“We do still need to take care on what goes into the blue bins, which should only be glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, trays and tubs, cans and foil, cartons, paper and card. Food and drink containers should be empty and rinsed out.

“In the last few days, two loads of recycling have been rejected from the recycling plant we use due to contaminated waste being put in blue bins.

“I do appreciate the challenge for residents. We’re all spending a lot more time at home and taking the opportunity to have a clear out and making the most of the good weather by getting to grips with the garden. The tips being closed does create a problem and I’ll be encouraging the county council to keep the situation under review. In the meantime, I’m really please we’ve been able to maintain our bulky waste collection for residents to dispose of larger items.”  

For more information about what can and can’t go in your bins, visit www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/bins. To find out more about bulky waste collections and to book online, go to www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/bulkywaste.


Dental Services during the pandemic

For details of how to access dental services please click here

Lichfield Council supports businesses

Council has paid out almost £13m from emergency funds

Lichfield District Council is working hard to distribute business grants from the government’s emergency funds, having paid £12,970,000 to 1,072 qualifying businesses. ​As one of the leading councils in the UK in terms of getting grants to local businesses, it is still seeking more businesses across the district that are yet to take advantage of the scheme.

Businesses could be eligible for either a small business grant of £10,000 or a retail, hospitality and leisure business a grant of up to £25,000. Funds that, while subject to standard tax, do not have to be repaid at any point in the future.

To enable payments to be made to eligible businesses, the council needs some extra information. Council officers are continuing to collect email addresses and telephone numbers for business owners who have not got been in contact yet, which will help to speed up the payment process. 

To check if they are eligible, businesses can find the full criteria for the grants and information about other support that is available to businesses online at www.lichfielddc.gov.uk/supportingbusiness.

The council is processing requests as swiftly as possible to protect local businesses and their employees.


Councillor Iain Eadie, Cabinet Member for Investment, Economic Growth & Tourism, said: “We know many people will be staying at home and following government guidance. We would like to reach all qualifying businesses we have not heard from so far as quickly as possible to offer this much needed grant support.

“If you own or work for a business you believe is eligible, or know someone who does, please encourage them to get in touch. While businesses are waiting to access other government support measures, the grant money could prove vital in terms of being able to pay bills and support staff.”

The council is also aware there is a negative element running a number of scams targeting businesses with false offers of support. The aim of these scams is to collect bank details from small business owners. Some are also posing as business consultants charging a fee to help get access to emergency funds.

The council would like to urge all business owners to be cautious and to always deal directly with its economic delivery team at economicdevelopment@lichfielddc.gov.uk.