Elford Village

Update from November's Parish Council meeting

Update from Parish Council Meeting of November 11th 2019

Several villagers came along to the Open Forum session to talk about matters of concern:

·         Fencing had been put up across the route used for at least 30 years between the Club and the Crown. The solicitors had advised this due to the sale of the club; the Parish Council would raise it with the next landowners along with the position of the Right of Way nearby.

·         A resident mentioned Best Kept Village, a meeting would be arranged in the New Year for everyone who wished to help with this next year.

·         A request was made for CCTV at the entrances to the village to act as a deterrent to vehicle thefts.  PCSO Costa Karpi offered advice on the matter. This was a complicated issue but the Parish Council would look at the practicaliities.

·         The muddy state of the path between The Beck and Croft Close was mentioned.

·         Bromford Homes’ rep explained the difficulties experienced by their client when passers by used the stile to walk through their garden and asked all users to be courteous.

For information on other matters discussed by the Councillors, please see the minutes on the Parish Council pages