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  • Tree Work in The Avenue

    2021-01-19 15:17:03

    The work by tree surgeons at The Avenue will be taking place later this week and including this...

  • Dog fouling advice

    2021-01-16 10:50:17

    Dog owners are requested to please: Take your doggy bags with you every time you walk your dog Clear up...

  • News from January's Parish Council meeting

    2021-01-14 15:53:01

    The Parish Council met online on Monday night, beginning with Open Forum when we were informed...

  • Drivers take care!

    2021-01-14 12:03:29

    Driving through the village? Please drive slowly and carefully! A much loved cat was killed last...

  • Local Covid Testing

    2021-01-11 13:04:23

    Every week the County Council along with District and Borough Councils reviews the number of...

  • Lockdown information

    2021-01-05 13:33:35

    During lockdown starting January 5th the playground will remain open but please only use this...